Rusticasa, Lda. (Sistema Log-House)

Experimental and numerical studies of the log-house construction system.



Experimental and numerical studies aimed to have the European Technical Approval of the log-house construction system, in accordance with ETAG012.


The workplan started with the preparation of a technical report about a construction system that, despite being developed and improved during more than two decades, never had been verified. For that, several experimental studies have been conducted, from the mechanical characterization of the logs, to the characterization of the connections used in de system and evaluation of the in-plane stiffness of log walls. Then, the experimental studies were complemented by numerical analysis aimed to enlarge the representativity of the tests performed. All tests have been performed at LEST.


Preparation of a technical report on the log-house construction system and to get the National Document of Approval DH 915 (download here).

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