Concrete characterization at early ages (Salamonde)

Apoio à decisão sobre faseamento construtivo em estruturas com betão em massa. Os estudos foram efetuados com recurso a simulação pelo método dos elementos finitos.



In the scope of construction of massive concrete structures, internal temperature rises are expected in concrete, that may reach relatively high values during early ages due to the hydration heat of cement (reaching 50ºC-60ºX in unfavorable cases. These temperature rises may induce high tensile stresses in concrete to such an extent that thermal cracking can occur due to the construction process. At the same time, construction companies usually intend to accelerate their construction processes through casting of mass concrete structures with a small number of casting phases (thus with high thicknesses). 


In order to allow accelerating construction processes, cooling techniques are frequently adopted (prior of after placement of concrete), whose effects can be analyzed through thermo-mechanical simulations of the construction process.


LEST has the conditions for material characterization that is needed for such case, and for the simulation of the construction process. There is an extensive past history of participation in thermal studies of Dams and special constructions in the last few years.

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