LEST is the Structures Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department at University of Minho, Portugal, specializing in testing of structures and soil foundations, and applied research services to support product innovation.

Since 2003, LEST has extensive activity and know-how in consultancy services and scientific and technological developments, either nationally or internationally .

At LEST take place experimental and computer simulations under the following headings: 

  • Testing and consultancy work in civil engineering for public and private companies or institutions;
  • Tests and works applied to research and development (R&D) and transfer of know-how for  markets and industrial activities;
  • Development of new products or solving problems for industry.

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› It has 600 m2 of testing area where is possible to find force controlled or displacement controlled servo-hydraulic systems

› It is equipped with a strong floor and a reaction wall

› It is equipped with adaptive steel reaction frames, allowing to carry out all types of test configurations

› It offers five climatic chambers with controlled humidity and temperature for conducting durability tests and time-dependent behavior of materials and structural systems

› It is equipped with several data acquisition (analog and digital) systems, allowing a wide range of field tests

› It carries out in situ structural load tests

› It carries out dynamic modal identification tests and vibrations tests

› It has advanced non-destructive test equipment for structural inspection and diagnosis

› It is prepared to define, install and analyze the data from structural health monitoring systems

› It carries out geotechnical soil classifications

› It is equipped with advanced testing equipment for geotechnical characterization

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